Rome New York: Welcome Home

Another good post by Arian Horbovetz, this time on nearby Rome, NY. Wonderful photography and article about another Central New York city you should know more about

The Urban Phoenix


On January 13th, 2015 I clicked “Publish” on my first small cities blog post featuring my visit to Utica New York.  Thirty-six hours, two radio interviews and 25,000 views later, I realized just how important the story of the small city revival had become.

After visiting Utica, Schenectady, Binghamton and Troy in 2015, I decided to start 2016 with a focus on even smaller cities in New York State.  The obvious first choice was only a stones throw away from where the blog began, in Rome New York.

In this post, you will see less emphasis on photography and more on dialogue, conversation and the exploration of ideas, viewpoints and visions.  The photography works to establish the context, but the real meat of Rome’s adventure is in the people who’s passion lies in the growing energy and momentum their community is experiencing.

Happy 2016 New York.  Meet your neighbor…

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