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Do We Have Each Other’s Backs?

“At this level, you can’t expect somebody else to stand up for you.” A sad quote overheard in the breakfast room in my hotel just a few minutes ago. Two business colleagues were preparing for the day, and one said … Continue reading

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Would You Fire Your Children?

I certainly hope not. Yet how many executives who speak of their company as having a “family” atmosphere think nothing of sacrificing that same family when the numbers are a little short. Oh, it’s explained using all the right terms, … Continue reading

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Leaders Eat Last

“The cost of leadership is self interest.” Says Simon Sinek in his remarkable talk “Why Leaders Eat Last” at a recent Behance conference. The talk is based on his upcoming book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Reward?

Citigroup posted fourth quarter 2012 results of $1.2 billion in net income, $0.38 per diluted share. This compared with net income of $956 million or $0.31 per diluted share in fourth quarter 2011. Congratulations to the hard-working Citi employees who … Continue reading

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Scale and the Unbelievers

There are two things that matter when building great products, movements or companies. They are easy to follow, easy to understand and also incredibly easy for those of us with MBAs and too much corporate experience to screw up. User … Continue reading

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Real Innovation…

…changes the courses of industries, if not society. Real innovation gives us the lightbulb, Linux, and the Internet. Real innovation also breaks your company’s current profit model, organizational structure and strategies. Real innovation is also messy, scary and “dangerous” to … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Permission

Indicate your intent instead.  Simon Sinek tells the story of a top U.S. Navy submarine commander who made one very simple change–sharing intention instead of asking permission–to improve the performance of his ship and crew. This subtle change is really … Continue reading

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Agile Aspirations for 2012 Inspired by Simon Sinek

A recent post from Peter Saddington on Agile Scout brought Simon Sinek to top of mind, once again.  This is an inspiring way to start 2012 and worth a view.  Simon’s famous quote is worth republishing here: “The goal is … Continue reading

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Tears: A CEO’s Aspiration?

Simon Sinek published a truly meaningful article on Steve Jobs today.  What made us cry for a billionaire who was very unlike the rest of us?  A worthwhile read.

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The Disadvantage is Really an Advantage

Simon Sinek does it again, reminding us that those looking for failings in ourselves or in our companies are looking in the wrong place.  It’s too easy to criticize, too easy to Monday-morning quarterback. Cheerleading our strengths and successes often … Continue reading

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