Do We Have Each Other’s Backs?

“At this level, you can’t expect somebody else to stand up for you.”

A sad quote overheard in the breakfast room in my hotel just a few minutes ago. Two business colleagues were preparing for the day, and one said this to the other.

The problem is that humans are cooperative and social creatures. We do expect others to look out for us, while we look out for others. This is the basis upon which all successful human groups are built, from our communities, to our social organizations, to our businesses.

But these people were in vigorous agreement that they are on their own. They suffer while looking out for the knife in the back and their organizations suffer because resources are wasted because they–and others–are looking over their shoulders for the threat within.

Worse, how do their employees feel? If the leaders can’t trust each other, how can the employees trust their leaders?

We absolutely can and should stand up for each other. That’s the very definition of leadership. 

What will you do today to stand up for somebody else? What will you do today to make it worth the risk for somebody to stand up for you?

In other words, how will you demonstrate leadership today?


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