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I love the holidays, but as a buyer, I hate this time of year. Media sales people and vendors are calling constantly looking for that use it or lose it “dump money.” If you have dump money, only two things … Continue reading

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Groupthink: A Caution for Summer Planners

The classic article Groupthink was just brought to my attention via RSS feed. Most of us have heard of the 1952 article, but how many have read it recently or at all? If you’re taking part in summer strategy or … Continue reading

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The Danger of Now

Now is what you focus on when you don’t have the courage to make big decisions about the future. Now is what makes managers scurry around in a panic , while leaders calmly think about next year. Now is a … Continue reading

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I Like Ike

Although business is not usually like war, in that nobody gets shot in meetings, the business world can learn a lot from our military.  Let’s take a lesson from General, later President, Dwight David Eisenhower that can help us reduce … Continue reading

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Constraints: A Shortcut to Success

It’s still budget season across corporate America and we’re getting to crunch time.  In the first pass of the budget, you invariably include all your wishes for the coming year.  What new initiatives you’d like to take, why, and what … Continue reading

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Planning to Kill Creativity

It’s annual planning time for big corporations and many of us are working feverishly on revenue and expense forecasts for existing products, planning our three year product roadmaps, capital budgets, new initiatives and the like.  It’s all very important, especially … Continue reading

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