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No Monday morning quarterback ever threw an interception or missed a receiver. No Monday morning quarterback ever wore a Super Bowl ring either. Continue reading

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I Like Ike

Although business is not usually like war, in that nobody gets shot in meetings, the business world can learn a lot from our military.  Let’s take a lesson from General, later President, Dwight David Eisenhower that can help us reduce … Continue reading

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Email Forwarders and Meeting-Goers

These are the two attributes I check for in employment candidates who have been employed at big companies.  It seems odd, but in some large corporations there are an entire class of people that seemingly exist simply to forward emails. … Continue reading

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Portals to Mindset Changes

I hate cell phones ringing when something important is going on.  Yet you will never, ever hear my phone go off in a presentation, meeting, church or other event when it’s inappropriate. The reason is that every time I go … Continue reading

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Your Meetings Suck (And So Do Mine)

My latest efforts to improve my leadership focus on the subject of meetings.  Specifically, how to reduce the number and duration of those meetings and get people back to work. You have too many meetings, they suck and the people … Continue reading

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