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Talent > Systems

“Any industry that values systems and processes over talent is an industry in decay.” Wrote Bob Hoffman today, reminding us that the adtech, martech, …aaS, and whatever other stuff we’ve cobbled into a tech stack isn’t our secret sauce. Like … Continue reading

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Extending the Circle of Safety Today

As we look forward to the weekend, let’s look back. As a leader did you: Clarify your organization’s “why?“ Bring others who shared your values into your organization, and not just those who had the skills you wanted? Extend the … Continue reading

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Graduate School: Where CEOs Become Stupid?

Good post from David Pogue on December 15th about what he learned while teaching a course at Columbia Business School.  He was amazed at the complete lack of business understanding by the so-called best and brightest at Columbia’s B-school, one … Continue reading

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Two Types of People

There are two types of people in the corporate world. Those that ship product. Those that explain how they’re planning to get a team together to build the requirements to gain the approval to get the funding to hire the … Continue reading

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A GOOD Race to the Bottom

It’s been said that you don’t want to be in a business that has the ability to be commoditized.  A commodity business lends itself to a race to do just a bit more for just a bit less–a few more … Continue reading

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Good Google: A Reorg!

Google recently did some reorganization under Larry Page, raising the visibility of some executives and removing some others.  Normally I don’t think too much about the organization of any given company, given that I have no idea how the company … Continue reading

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