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Don’t Get a Job. Work Instead.

You find wisdom in the most unexpected places if you’re seeking it. I stumbled on this interview with Adam Ant this morning. He says something very important about twenty minutes into it. “I’ve never really had a job. This isn’t … Continue reading

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You’re a Shark’s Tooth

This is the time of the year when people begin to come and go from companies. Sometimes willingly, sometimes not. It’s a good time for a reminder from my fellow Utica College Board member Gary Kunath, who reminds us what … Continue reading

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Why You’ll Fail to Have a Great Career: Passion

Larry Smith, an economics professor at the University of Waterloo, tells a TED audience why they’ll fail to have a great career. It’s a funny and engaging talk. And it’s right. Professor Smith gives a number of reasons why you … Continue reading

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How Many Hours?

How many hours did you work last week?  How many meetings did you go to? How many sales calls did you make yesterday? It doesn’t matter. As ROWE reminds us in a post, tracking time is insane.  The only thing … Continue reading

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Don’t Tie Your Brand to Your Company

I was viewing my list of Twitter followers the other day and noticed that there’s a category of Twitter users who choose to link their brand name with that of their company.  Now I suppose if you work for a … Continue reading

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Relationships, Not Resumes

A colleague of mine is considering a new position.  How did this person get this new position? It wasn’t about resumes, networking, or any of the usual things.  It was all about a past relationship and a mutual trust shared … Continue reading

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