You’re a Shark’s Tooth

8476119_469e8208b5_zThis is the time of the year when people begin to come and go from companies. Sometimes willingly, sometimes not.

It’s a good time for a reminder from my fellow Utica College Board member Gary Kunath, who reminds us what we are to our companies.

“The truth is that you are a shark tooth. Don’t ever forget that. Sharks have many rows of teeth and when one tooth falls out, the tooth behind it simply pops into place and replaces it. The shark doesn’t even know it lost a tooth. I hate to say it, but that’s what people are to an organization. When you leave, someone simply pops up in your place and soon no one even knows you are gone. Giving your life to the company and not to your family is crazy. Never, ever put your job or work before family.” Gary Kunath, “Life…Don’t Miss It. I Almost Did.

How much time will you take from your family this year and give to your company? Why?

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1 Response to You’re a Shark’s Tooth

  1. What a terrible analogy! Mark, is that what you really think?

    Some organizations actually seek to understand their employees professional aspirations and do their best to align them with corporate priorities. As long as everyone is in step, it’s a healthy and productive relationship.

    Admittedly, at times a person’s professional (and personal) goals are inconsistent with the direction of the organization. That’s when change is beneficial for all parties involved.


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