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Competitors? Meh.

I saw a post on LinkedIn today about the importance of doing combat with your competitors. That’s misguided and wrong. When you devote resources to something, you are by definition taking them away from something else. Every bit of time … Continue reading

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Owning a Position

You can–and should–start with your “why.” Know what your organization stands for and communicate that. But if you want to own a position in the customer’s mind, there’s only one way. Put out a product that does it. Shipping > four … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Blind To Domain Dependence

Why did the auto dealers in New Jersey work to get Tesla’s direct sales model banned in the state? Why do Uber and Lyft have to battle taxi and limousine commissions in order to do business? And why didn’t Hilton … Continue reading

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Do The Best You Can, Not The Best

When we agonize over everything to try to make it “the best” we fool ourselves. There’s no such thing. We are just people and can’t, by definition by perfect and “the best.”  When we understand the constraints–time, money, people, technology–and … Continue reading

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What “They” Want Or Think Doesn’t Matter

On his deathbed Steve Jobs told Tim Cook not to worry about what he would do, but instead do what was right for Apple, or so the story goes. A great piece of advice. Now that Steve is dead, what … Continue reading

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Vision’s All You’ve Got

You might hire the smartest data scientists available. You might develop a product that has benefits that push all the user buttons. You might price that product perfectly. You might distribute it perfectly. You might create the most clever campaign … Continue reading

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Get Better Before You Start Shouting

Marketing and communications professionals in companies and agencies often get called on the carpet to answer questions about why the product isn’t selling enough to please the executives. At times, it culminates in an agency review or with the termination … Continue reading

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Scale and the Unbelievers

There are two things that matter when building great products, movements or companies. They are easy to follow, easy to understand and also incredibly easy for those of us with MBAs and too much corporate experience to screw up. User … Continue reading

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Real Innovation…

…changes the courses of industries, if not society. Real innovation gives us the lightbulb, Linux, and the Internet. Real innovation also breaks your company’s current profit model, organizational structure and strategies. Real innovation is also messy, scary and “dangerous” to … Continue reading

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DICEE (Not Dicey) Products

Are you still making undifferentiated beige boxes of mediocrity, developed by lowest-common-denominator product managers that are sold through “the channel” to anybody who fogs a mirror? Look to your financial results if you don’t know the answer to the question. … Continue reading

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