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>$5 CPM for This? YouTube Head-Scratcher

I’ve got a YouTube channel for experimentation purposes and “monetize” (I hate that MBA non-word) the videos to see what happens. Looking at it this morning, I noticed that  a fairly recent video of a guitar I purchased generated $6.19 … Continue reading

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Digital Flim-Flam: Mode Media Edition

How does the 10th most trafficked group of websites, per comScore, go out of business overnight? That’s what you should be asking yourself as you read the news about Mode Media’s abrupt shut-down last week, especially if you’re one of … Continue reading

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DICEE (Not Dicey) Products

Are you still making undifferentiated beige boxes of mediocrity, developed by lowest-common-denominator product managers that are sold through “the channel” to anybody who fogs a mirror? Look to your financial results if you don’t know the answer to the question. … Continue reading

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Keynote ProTip

When you are asked to do a keynote for an event like SxSW, consider what the audience will take away. If all you’ve got is a lot of “me” “my” and “I”, you need to rethink the speech or decline. … Continue reading

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