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Scale and the Unbelievers

There are two things that matter when building great products, movements or companies. They are easy to follow, easy to understand and also incredibly easy for those of us with MBAs and too much corporate experience to screw up. User … Continue reading

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Problems With Good Ideas

Good ideas have two major problems. They spread. They divert attention from bad ideas. Let’s look at the first problem with this image as the illustration.  Regardless of what you think about the Occupy movement, you’ll have to agree that … Continue reading

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Crack Open an Academic, Find an Entrepreneur

At PWC’s Diamond Exchange yesterday, where I am the dumbest person in the room and loving it, I heard an interesting assertion by Justin Hall-Tipping. He said that “all university professors are fundamentally entrepreneurs.”  After all, where else can you … Continue reading

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Ideas + Attention = Leadership

We don’t follow titles.  We don’t follow companies.  We don’t even follow people.  We follow ideas. Nobody worth interacting with cares what your rank is, what box you occupy on the org chart, who you work for or what your … Continue reading

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Fifty Little Cups of Coffee

I’m a continuity direct response marketer.  My 10,000 hours were spent testing hypotheses about lists, creative, offers, products and fulfillment methods by doing thousands of univariate and multivariate tests.  Each test was, essentially, a small bet of $500 to $50,000. … Continue reading

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