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I have been under the mistaken impression that Duane Eddy, the King of Twang, was no longer with us. I just learned today, courtesy of Premier Guitar, that Mr. Eddy is still with us, going strong and will celebrate his … Continue reading

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Digital Media: As Memorable as Kenny G?

The smooth jazz radio format wasn’t as popular as thought. When Arbitron changed from paper diaries to portable people meters (PPM) about ten years ago, broadcasters learned that people didn’t do what the paper diaries said they did. With good … Continue reading

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Forget Big Data. Improve Marketing With a Cathode Follower!

What do tube amplifiers have to do with digital marketing? It turns out the analog world of tube circuits is more like the real world of marketing and advertising than the clean, digital, “Big Data” world we’d like to believe … Continue reading

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Don’t Get a Job. Work Instead.

You find wisdom in the most unexpected places if you’re seeking it. I stumbled on this interview with Adam Ant this morning. He says something very important about twenty minutes into it. “I’ve never really had a job. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Producers Don’t Work For Public Companies?

Irving Azoff is a “producer” in the true sense of the word–an individual that can create a vision, rally talented people behind it, and execute. And now he’s left Live Nation to go back out again on his own. Why leave … Continue reading

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Prediction: Streaming Wins, Powered by Apple

Bob Lefsetz published an article on Friday that powers this admittedly not very far out prediction. Streaming–powered by iTunes–becomes the preferred choice of music consumption in the US. We’ll achieve that by 2013. Why? Streaming music works.  See Spotify and … Continue reading

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