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Ads back on temporarily

I just turned the WordPress WordAds monetization tool back on. Doing a little test.

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The silence of the fake influencers and lack-of-thought leaders is deafening…

Originally posted on The Malcolm Auld Blog:
Those who have read my missives or attended my seminars, are aware I’ve been calling out the online zealots and their snake-oil since the invention of the information superhighway. So here’s today’s polite…

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Talent > Systems

“Any industry that values systems and processes over talent is an industry in decay.” Wrote Bob Hoffman today, reminding us that the adtech, martech, …aaS, and whatever other stuff we’ve cobbled into a tech stack isn’t our secret sauce. Like … Continue reading

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The Finish Line in the Race to the Bottom

Last night, I was doing some analysis of a premium publisher’s site. I encountered RPM optimization in all its glory. And it made me sad and sick. The malvertising at left attempts to: Hijack browser settings Encourage installation of a … Continue reading

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Mix modelling muddles marketers

Originally posted on Marketing Science:
I think econometric modelling is over used in marketing. And routinely produces misleading results. Let me explain… Warning: people who make their living from such modelling may not like what I have to say. Astrology,…

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Ads Temporarily On

I’m testing something now and have temporarily turned on WordPress’s WordAds. I’ll turn them off in a day or two.

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Purple Cow – where’s the beef ?

Originally posted on Marketing Science:
There is a small, nay large, industry that makes claims like: “consumer behaviour has changed radically” “marketing doesn’t work anymore” And yet then presents nothing more than a repackaging of the orthodoxy. For example, Seth…

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Answering critics

Originally posted on Marketing Science:
Our critics have been few, and rather kind (nothing of substance has been raised). Now and then a marketing guru issues a thinly disguised advertisement for their consulting services that tries to have a go…

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Native Advertising: The Laughs Don’t Stop

I ran a quick article on native advertising yesterday. Lo and behold, my article was picked up by a Twitter handle that tweets out positive news about native advertising. Looks like the bot never read the article. Get some machine learning … Continue reading

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Rise of the Bot: Organic Traffic is “Over”

You now have to treat every digital impression under the assumption that it’s not human and is fraud. Fraudulent impression are not the exception; they are the rule. Be skeptical. Continue reading

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