A GOOD Race to the Bottom

It’s been said that you don’t want to be in a business that has the ability to be commoditized.  A commodity business lends itself to a race to do just a bit more for just a bit less–a few more features or benefits, for just a bit less money.

Once you’re in the commodity business, the race is on.  Unfortunately, the race always ends up in a race to the bottom.  And that’s not a race you want to be in, nor win.

I was speaking with somebody at work today and it dawned on me that there is a race to the bottom that you do want to win.  That’s the race to be the dumbest person in the room.

Huh?  Why would you want to be the idiot?

Because if you’re the idiot, that means the others around you are smarter, more capable and more able to help you and the team win.  If we can surround ourselves with intelligence, we’ll get smarter and work smarter.

I’m still working my way down the IQ depth chart.  I’ll let you know when I hit bottom and really start winning.

Hire smart. Promote smart. Be smart.  Be the idiot in the room!

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