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Is Your Recruiting Team Damaging Your Brand?

The economic crunch continues with many good people still looking for work.  As an employer, it’s good news in a way.  There’s lots of great talent from which to choose, and you can generally get a qualified individual for less … Continue reading

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Ugly Privacy Legislation is Certain. And it’s Our Fault!

Yogi Berra once said something like “you can observe a lot just by watching.”  I recently added Ghostery (highly recommended) to see what information websites were collecting.  What I observed was shocking, shameful and something that’s so out-of-control that even … Continue reading

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An Adult Approach to Data and Privacy

I’ve been a huge and enthusiastic fan of Evernote for some time now.  I use it on all my computers, my iPhone and my iPad.  I’ve been a premium subscriber for some time now and can’t figure out how I … Continue reading

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Telecos + Open APIs + Developers FTW

I spent a few days at SxSW last week and had a great time and one key takeaway: Developers rule Not big companies. Not big VC dollars.  Not anybody else.  In today’s world of zero capex and lean startups (see … Continue reading

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Marketing Ain’t Stealing

Simon Sinek’s post today covers a couple of faux products he purchased recently by mistake.  His mistake.  The companies that he purchased these products from had full intent of stealing his money by selling fake products and, ironically, destroying their … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up

I was going through an executive coaching session with Steve Arneson a couple of weeks ago and somehow we got on the concept of leadership philosophy.  Somehow that morphed to a discussion on Star Trek. I mentioned that I always … Continue reading

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Fail Spectacularly

Andy Swan writes, as usual, another good blog post today.  He asserts that in order to win, you have to know how much you’re willing to lose.  And he takes to task the use of Chinese Math, which I learned … Continue reading

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Citizens Band Radio at Threadgills

At Threadgills in Austin right now, where Neustar is sponsoring a MusicFog event. Four days of music, free of charge at SxSW. Watching Citizens Band Radio right now. Stop by for some food, drinks and entertainment. Full disclosure: I work … Continue reading

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CapEx = Dead

I had this conversation last evening as we were wrapping up the Neustar booth for the day.  If I was starting a company today, why would I ever buy any capitalized equipment? We decided that with a credit card we … Continue reading

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Data Customization & Privacy: Coexisting?

Regardless of the law, 90% of legal and privacy-related issues can be solved using the following construct: If I couldn’t explain this to my grandmother, then I probably shouldn’t be doing it. I’m at a legal and privacy panel at … Continue reading

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