Beam Me Up

I was going through an executive coaching session with Steve Arneson a couple of weeks ago and somehow we got on the concept of leadership philosophy.  Somehow that morphed to a discussion on Star Trek.

I mentioned that I always felt more comfortable as the Scotty role.  I never wanted to be Kirk, fighting off the aliens, nor Spock, trying to be the rational counterpoint to Kirk.

I rather liked the idea of working the engine rooms and figuring out how to get the ship to do what Kirk and Spock wanted it to do.  But without the Scottish brogue.

As Simon Sinek might say, I’m better on the “how” and “what” parts of his leadership model.  And I’m OK with that.

Steve wrote a great article on discussion here and brought it to life with some leadership lessons.

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2 Responses to Beam Me Up

  1. cparente says:

    Good stuff Mark — can’t have too many Trek analogies. Scotty could always more in 10 minutes what others could do with two weeks in space dock The only point I’d make it that no matter how sweetly tuned the engine, you still need to understand where the starship is going, and why.


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