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A GOOD Race to the Bottom

It’s been said that you don’t want to be in a business that has the ability to be commoditized.  A commodity business lends itself to a race to do just a bit more for just a bit less–a few more … Continue reading

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Good Google: A Reorg!

Google recently did some reorganization under Larry Page, raising the visibility of some executives and removing some others.  Normally I don’t think too much about the organization of any given company, given that I have no idea how the company … Continue reading

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TSA Twitters Tiger Blood

The fear industry, in the form of the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security is going to get into the social media game.  They’ve devised a plan to alert the public about security threats using Twitter and Facebook, among … Continue reading

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Google to Open-Source Nortel Patents?

I love the idea that Google is the stalking horse for the Nortel patent portfolio.  I hope what it means is that Google will release some of those patents into the public domain to drive innovation, instead of seeing them … Continue reading

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Relationships, Not Resumes

A colleague of mine is considering a new position.  How did this person get this new position? It wasn’t about resumes, networking, or any of the usual things.  It was all about a past relationship and a mutual trust shared … Continue reading

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Best Buy Privacy Fail: The Return of Corporate Gobbledygook

Barry Judge, the EVP and CMO of Best Buy doesn’t take my privacy very seriously. I know this because of the email he sent me last evening. The liberal use of the word “we” tells me this is a committee … Continue reading

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