TSA Twitters Tiger Blood

TSA Fear GuidelinesThe fear industry, in the form of the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security is going to get into the social media game.  They’ve devised a plan to alert the public about security threats using Twitter and Facebook, among other mechanisms.

And it only took nineteen pages of guidelines, with down-to-the-minute details of how long a government employee could wait before kicking off a conference call to discuss ongoing threats.

Kudos to the Feds for getting into social media.  I actually think that using a system of Twitter/FB/text messages could be a great way to alert the general public when an actual change in the threat condition occurs.

But I don’t think they’ll actually use it that way.  After all, the fear industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, fed by our tax dollars and providing thousands of Federal and government contracting jobs.  In order to keep the money flowing, they have to keep us just scared enough to be compliant but not so scared that we can’t keep up our daily activity.

The more scared we are on a daily basis, the more likely we’ll be to give up our freedoms to the fear mongers.  Like a frog boiling in water.  Or like 1933.

The date for new methods of notifying the public is somewhere around April 27th.  Let’s see how that goes.

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