Good Google: A Reorg!

Google recently did some reorganization under Larry Page, raising the visibility of some executives and removing some others.  Normally I don’t think too much about the organization of any given company, given that I have no idea how the company actually runs internally and what the people considerations are.

In this case, I think the organization makes a lot of sense.  Om Malik does a nice job in commenting on the new organizational structure and laying out who the new and old players are.

I like it because it’s a nice mix of focus on the types of things people want to do (e.g. Andy Rubin as SVP for Mobile) and focusing on key platforms for the future (e.g. Sundar Pichai as SVP for Chrome).  The folks responsible for the way people want to do things can focus on things like mobile (and all the things you can do via a smartphone) and social (how people would like to interact with one another, regardless of platform), while the platform people can make the best Chrome browser out there.

The challenge that Google will face in the organization, and one I’m sure they’re facing already, is that a matrix (which snarled AOL/Time Warner for years) will result.

Takeaway:  I like the Google reorganization, as much as somebody outside the company can, and think that if they can avoid matrix problems it’s a good thing.


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