Is Your Recruiting Team Damaging Your Brand?

The economic crunch continues with many good people still looking for work.  As an employer, it’s good news in a way.  There’s lots of great talent from which to choose, and you can generally get a qualified individual for less money than you could in the boom years.

But let’s look at it from the other side.  What if you’re out there looking for a position?  It’s hard enough to be one of multiple qualified candidates for a good job.  It gets harder when the hiring company treats you poorly.  One of my colleagues who’s currently in the market put it very well:

I’m really disappointed at the way companies handle their interviewing/hiring these days. The lack of respect for candidates is appalling. More than not, there is no communication, not even a simple “thanks, but no thanks.”

Appalling indeed.  What do you think all those “rejects” (as personnel clerks might call them) are saying about your company? Politeness and civility do count for something, even in a buyers market.  Sending a quick note or follow-up call to tell a candidate that they weren’t selected is just common courtesy and takes no time.

I don’t care how overworked you are.

Brand is about experience.  And your brand equity goes up every time somebody has a positive experience with your company, whether it’s in the purchase or hiring process, customer care or you name it.  Your HR department and recruiters are ambassadors for your brand.  Mystery shop them and fire immediately anybody or any agency that doesn’t follow the Golden Rule.

Takeaway: Politeness costs nothing and takes no extra time.  Your brand is everything and don’t let the clerks tarnish it.

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