Email Forwarders and Meeting-Goers

These are the two attributes I check for in employment candidates who have been employed at big companies.  It seems odd, but in some large corporations there are an entire class of people that seemingly exist simply to forward emails.  An engineering manager on one of my teams coined the “email forwarder” phrase to describe them and it’s stuck with me.

I have no idea why these types of job exist in company, but if you find yourself in one of them, get out–quick.  That’s because developers, engineers and doers can smell BS and suit monkeys a mile away and will do everything to go around and avoid email forwarders and eventually make you and your job irrelevant.

Meeting-goers are that category of employee who run from place to place all day long and sit in meetings.  (And most of them suck, with or without them.)  As one of my wise leaders once said:

The more meetings you show up at, the less important you are.  It means you have lots of time to kill.

Be important.  Don’t just forward emails and go to meetings.  Ship something. Face the market.

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