Lazy Salespeople

I love being sold. I can even suspend disbelief in the interest of hearing just why I need a $44K CUV instead of a $15K subcompact that will do the job, arguably, just as well.

What I can’t stand is the voicemail left today by a lazy salesperson.  “Maybe we can help you by… Maybe we can help by….” all the way through a laundry list of what this consulting company can do for me, which might have ended with their ability to ensure our lawn was weed-free.  I’ll never know because I deleted the email 20 seconds in.

Figure out what problem (singular) I might have (and why) and explain to me why you absolutely, positively can take that pain away today.  I might not have that problem today, but I’ll sure as heck remember that solution when I do have that problem.

Or ramble and let me delete your email or voicemail.  The choice is yours, as is the time you waste.

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2 Responses to Lazy Salespeople

  1. StrategicGuy says:

    OK…let’s be fair on this one, Mark.

    I’m certainly not defending this particular sales rep as he/she appears to follow a scatter-shot approach in their outreach.

    Yet, you make a point of explaining how it’s important for a sales person to understand your pain. How exactly are they suppose to do that without having ever spoken with you? Guess?

    I do my fair share of phone work as part of our sales process. With a new contact, the objective of my outreach is to quickly articulate Strategic Communications Group’s (Strategic) value proposition and then request an informal introductory call or meeting.

    I sure am glad you didn’t delete my introductory voice message to you after 20 second. (smile)


  2. markpilip says:

    I think a salesperson can take the time to at least figure out what problem I MIGHT have. I certainly don’t expect them to actually know exactly the problem at a time–that’s un-knowable unless I’ve publicly talked about it at an event or someplace else.

    I know this is possible because I get called all the time. And not every salesperson is unprepared. As a matter of fact, on that very day, I got reached by a salesperson who immediately said that they saw we did X and that they were experts in doing X better in a different way and did I have a few minutes? All under 20 seconds. I actually took the time to listen and we’re doing some preliminary explorations.

    As far as your approach, that’s perfectly OK. This other lazy salesperson wanted me to do the homework to figure out how they could solve our problems. No thanks, every time.


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