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The Disadvantage is Really an Advantage

Simon Sinek does it again, reminding us that those looking for failings in ourselves or in our companies are looking in the wrong place.  It’s too easy to criticize, too easy to Monday-morning quarterback. Cheerleading our strengths and successes often … Continue reading

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The Danger of Now

Now is what you focus on when you don’t have the courage to make big decisions about the future. Now is what makes managers scurry around in a panic , while leaders calmly think about next year. Now is a … Continue reading

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Passionate Product Managers

Startups beat large corporations primarily due to a lack of passion.  Sure, the large company might have everything one thinks you might need to win in new product development: Capital Development resources Development process But what’s missing is the thing … Continue reading

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Fifty Little Cups of Coffee

I’m a continuity direct response marketer.  My 10,000 hours were spent testing hypotheses about lists, creative, offers, products and fulfillment methods by doing thousands of univariate and multivariate tests.  Each test was, essentially, a small bet of $500 to $50,000. … Continue reading

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Business = People

“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.” Simon Sinek hits the nail on the head in an important talk at Behance’s recent design conference. Worth the time and it all starts with Why?

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I Like Ike

Although business is not usually like war, in that nobody gets shot in meetings, the business world can learn a lot from our military.  Let’s take a lesson from General, later President, Dwight David Eisenhower that can help us reduce … Continue reading

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The Power of a Strong “Why” Statement

“Why are you here?”  That’s my first interview question.  It’s surprising how many people get rattled out of the gate by that question.  Yet if you bump into an American in Paris tomorrow and ask the same question, you get … Continue reading

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Prediction: Streaming Wins, Powered by Apple

Bob Lefsetz published an article on Friday that powers this admittedly not very far out prediction. Streaming–powered by iTunes–becomes the preferred choice of music consumption in the US. We’ll achieve that by 2013. Why? Streaming music works.  See Spotify and … Continue reading

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Coordination: A Lost Art

We all have lots of channels and methods of communicating with our customers.  Usually, they only have to be consistently on message.  There are instances when it helps to have your communication channels completely aligned, not only on message, but … Continue reading

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Email Forwarders and Meeting-Goers

These are the two attributes I check for in employment candidates who have been employed at big companies.  It seems odd, but in some large corporations there are an entire class of people that seemingly exist simply to forward emails. … Continue reading

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