The Danger of Now

Now is what you focus on when you don’t have the courage to make big decisions about the future.

Now is what makes managers scurry around in a panic , while leaders calmly think about next year.

Now is a shiny new object.

Now is about Wall Street.

Now is about being reactive.

Now is killing your business.

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One Response to The Danger of Now

  1. markpilip says:

    I should have probably also mentioned that “Now” is easy. It’s easy, especially in a corporation, to get a ton of people spun up over an illusory problem that’s got to be fixed NOW. The action and heroics that take place give one a quick hit of adrenaline. But when you look back at what actually took place, you find that most of the time it’s just been a bunch of running around and arm-waving. Nothing really takes place “NOW.”


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