Passionate Product Managers

Startups beat large corporations primarily due to a lack of passion.  Sure, the large company might have everything one thinks you might need to win in new product development:

  • Capital
  • Development resources
  • Development process

But what’s missing is the thing that keeps startups going.  Passion.

The belief that the thing you’re working on is going to change the world.  The belief that the thing you’re developing is so critically important that sleep, food, socialization and money has to take a back seat to your art.

If you’re a product manager and are not passionate about what you’re working on, quit.  I mean it, you’re not doing the company or yourself a favor.  Do things that are powerful and will change the world.  And if the company you currently work for doesn’t understand that, go someplace where they do.

Life’s too short.  Thanks to Andy Swan and congratulations to GroupMe.

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2 Responses to Passionate Product Managers

  1. I have a different perspective, Mark.

    Agree completely that passion is a key element to innovation. Yet, I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of large organizations that are populated with highly motivated product managers.

    I’ve found the challenge with global organizations to be one of resource priority. They invest so much time and effort in supporting existing products, projects, programs, etc., that new development efforts often fall down.

    How do they address this need for product and technical innovation? Through acquisitions (i.e. Oracle, Cisco, etc.).


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