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Someone’s Going to Sum You Up One Day

I originally wrote this on October 2, 2009 on my Facebook account.  I just found it through Facebook’s new Timeline feature and thought I’d republish it here. —————————————— Great opinion piece from Peggy Noonan in the Journal today. It’s about the need … Continue reading

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Squirrels: Just Say No

Squirrels are interesting.  They’re cute, have a lot of energy and are soft and cuddly.  But chasing after squirrels is a waste of time.  You never catch them and, even if you did, they’re not much use. In short, squirrels … Continue reading

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Startups Channel Bob Hacker

And so should you. Most Internet startups probably have not heard of Bob Hacker.  And the readers of this blog will either be disciples of his philosophy–perhaps without knowing the name–or have no idea what I’m talking about. Let’s talk … Continue reading

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How Many Hours?

How many hours did you work last week?  How many meetings did you go to? How many sales calls did you make yesterday? It doesn’t matter. As ROWE reminds us in a post, tracking time is insane.  The only thing … Continue reading

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Ten years ago today, almost 3,000 people were murdered. One was my friend and Utica College classmate Margaret Echtermann. She was likable, smart and a lot of fun.  She was enjoying success in her career and personal life when it … Continue reading

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Ideas + Attention = Leadership

We don’t follow titles.  We don’t follow companies.  We don’t even follow people.  We follow ideas. Nobody worth interacting with cares what your rank is, what box you occupy on the org chart, who you work for or what your … Continue reading

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Squier Guitar Collection

Squier Guitar Collection, a set on Flickr. My Labor Day off-topic post. Here’s a few pictures I took today of my mid-late 80’s collection of Squier Stratocasters, all made in Japan. Why Squiers? Well these are the guitars I could … Continue reading

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