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Minimum Viable Work Product

I love the concept of the Lean Startup.  But does the philosophy work for those of us who work for larger corporations or who are entrepreneurs? I won’t get started on my opinions on most Product Management and Product Marketing Management … Continue reading

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Portals to Mindset Changes

I hate cell phones ringing when something important is going on.  Yet you will never, ever hear my phone go off in a presentation, meeting, church or other event when it’s inappropriate. The reason is that every time I go … Continue reading

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Don’t Tie Your Brand to Your Company

I was viewing my list of Twitter followers the other day and noticed that there’s a category of Twitter users who choose to link their brand name with that of their company.  Now I suppose if you work for a … Continue reading

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Be a Scientist, Not an Analyst

I don’t have much respect for analysts, of the Wall Street kind or otherwise.  It’s too easy to look in the rearview mirror and then fit some explanation to it.  Post hoc ergo propter hoc, confirmation bias and the like … Continue reading

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Remember D-Day

At 0016 hours today, the Horsas began to crash-land near the Caen Canal in Normandy, France.  The liberation of Europe was under way. Over 24,000 young men jumped from planes or landed in gliders to support the 160,000 men who … Continue reading

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Your Meetings Suck (And So Do Mine)

My latest efforts to improve my leadership focus on the subject of meetings.  Specifically, how to reduce the number and duration of those meetings and get people back to work. You have too many meetings, they suck and the people … Continue reading

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