Remember D-Day

At 0016 hours today, the Horsas began to crash-land near the Caen Canal in Normandy, France.  The liberation of Europe was under way.

Over 24,000 young men jumped from planes or landed in gliders to support the 160,000 men who waded ashore.  They were not veterans of combat.  They did not consider themselves heroes.  They were there to do the job of liberating Europe.

The stories of their heroism are well documented, yet increasingly forgotten. It is likely that you will see nothing of today’s importance from the mainstream media as you check the news this morning.

We should never forget their sacrifices.  I won’t.  Today is D-Day.

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  1. Ed Devinney says:

    Late to the party on this one but – when I was young I was amazed at what those guys did, wondering if I could but of course rather sure of it. It looked exciting. When I had kids I started wondering how the parents of those guys must have felt. It looked harder. When we visited Omaha Beach a few years ago I got a much, much clearer idea of what they were up against. Looked damn near impossible and yet they did it.

    Still not sure what’s inside people that comes out in the clinch, but it’s awesome in the full sense of the word.

    “Are you going to lay there and get killed, or get up and do something about it?”


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