Portals to Mindset Changes

I hate cell phones ringing when something important is going on.  Yet you will never, ever hear my phone go off in a presentation, meeting, church or other event when it’s inappropriate.

The reason is that every time I go through a doorway, I put my hand on the switch of my cell phone.  So when I’m walking into a meeting (which I have freely decided to attend, therefore want to be there and pay attention) I turn the switch off.  When I walk through the doorway on the way out, it goes back on.  Simple technique.

But why do I do this and why is it worth a post?  That’s because doorways have meaning.  There’s something different beyond that door and beyond the doorway.  It could be a new person, new information that could change my life, or a new experience.  And when I am going to experience something new, I try to be prepared.  At the doorway, I do a couple of quick things:

  1. Prepare technologically.  Turn off the cellphone ringer, check I’ve got note-taking material of some kind and figure out where I’m going to sit to maximize my experience.
  2. Start fresh.  This is most important.  It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having.  This is new.  Put aside the rest of today and start with a new outlook on things.
  3. Recap my objectives.  A quick mental run-through of what I want from going through this doorway, even if it’s stepping out my front door to head out to the grocery store.
When I walk through a doorway, I’m ready for something new and different.  Are you?
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