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K.I.S.S. Your Copy

You have less than one second to convey your USP and offer. Only give them: One price One simple USP If you can’t, you’ll never have them ask “what else can I buy from you?” and you’ll never have the chance … Continue reading

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Three Simple Reasons Your Marketing Will Fail

You’ve labored mightily at your marketing efforts. Hours of careful thought about marketing objectives, followed by careful analysis of past test results. Then, even more analysis of lists and target audiences, followed by agonized copywriting and creative development. Lastly, double- and … Continue reading

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Seal The Deal With Good Direct Mail

Most direct mail these days stinks. Yes, that means the stuff your company is sending me. Generally it lacks: A strong offer Segmentation Good merge/purge I get too much mail in blank white envelopes without anything interesting on the outside. … Continue reading

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