The Best $2 Kimpton Could Spend

A note from my housekeeper.

A note from my housekeeper.

I’ve been in Boston and staying at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge. It’s a terrific hotel and the rates for Boston aren’t too bad.

I’ve been impressed with the Marlowe and Kimpton hotels because of two simple things they did.

The first was on the wi-fi access page. I could have elected to pay $11.95 for daily access. But they also gave the option of free use if I just signed up for the Kimpton loyalty club. The registration path was very short and non-obtrusive and it was easy to avoid getting spammed by them.  Well done.

In registering, I realized that I was already a member of the loyalty club. A couple of quick clicks and I updated my preferences. And the wi-fi is very fast!

What Kimpton really did right is shown in the note I found above. Next to it was a plate with an apple, an orange and some strawberries along with two bottles of water. On seeing that, the first thought that ran through my head was “I need to stay in Kimpton hotels more often.”

Total cost to Kimpton to put their brand at top of mind above all other hotel brands? About $2 and a bit of effort.

Takeaway: What did your company do today to embed your brand at top of mind with your customers? Or did you just spray and pray?

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