IPad 3 Launch Predictions

Apple launches the iPad 3, or iPad HD. My predictions for today’s launch event:

It will be faster
The screen will be better
It will have a camera with better resolution
Some people will declare this product a “disappointment”
Some people will speculate whether Tim Cook has the right stuff to follow Jobs

I’ll post later this week or the weekend to let you know how I did and to discuss the absurdity of making predictions. Have fun watching the event!

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1 Response to IPad 3 Launch Predictions

  1. markpilip says:

    Results. First, I got the name wrong, but then so did everybody else.
    I was right on the first three predictions, which were easy.

    ZDNet was disappointed in the iPad, but that’s to be expected because they’re a “speeds and feeds” site. Here’s the take:


    I recall seeing at least one article on my last prediction, but can’t find the link now. Let’s call that a miss, since I can’t produce the evidence.

    I’ll leave prediction absurdity for a future post.


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