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Don’t Ask Permission

Indicate your intent instead.  Simon Sinek tells the story of a top U.S. Navy submarine commander who made one very simple change–sharing intention instead of asking permission–to improve the performance of his ship and crew. This subtle change is really … Continue reading

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DICEE (Not Dicey) Products

Are you still making undifferentiated beige boxes of mediocrity, developed by lowest-common-denominator product managers that are sold through “the channel” to anybody who fogs a mirror? Look to your financial results if you don’t know the answer to the question. … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

Being self aware is good for us as leaders, and it’s good for us collectively as corporations. Not every company is a Silicon Valley startup. Nor does every company have a patent wall that can deflect competition. Yet many companies … Continue reading

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Not Offensive, Just Stupid

Congratulations to the Giants for their Super Bowl win yesterday. I was also glad to enjoy an entertaining game that kept me interested until the last play. Less entertaining were the GoDaddy ads.  They’ve been a one-trick pony for years … Continue reading

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Improve Your Super Bowl Ads

When I watch ads during the Super Bowl Big Game, I usually find myself muttering “call to action, call to action” to the point that my wife starts putting away the sharp objects.  The amount of air time that’s wasted … Continue reading

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Building Your Brand with Top Level Domains

Do you have a strong brand name? Wouldn’t you like to own the letters to the “right of the dot?” I think it’s a really good idea to consider it. ICANN recently opened the window for new top level domains–for … Continue reading

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Apple’s War Chest

Chunka Mui provides his reasons for Apple to say no to using some of its $100 billion cash as a one-time dividend for shareholders. As a shareholder myself and one that’s been handsomely rewarded by Apple’s focus on the experience, … Continue reading

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