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Real Innovation…

…changes the courses of industries, if not society. Real innovation gives us the lightbulb, Linux, and the Internet. Real innovation also breaks your company’s current profit model, organizational structure and strategies. Real innovation is also messy, scary and “dangerous” to … Continue reading

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Reacting to Mainstream Media Articles

The recent retraction by This American Life of the episode about Foxconn’s iPad factory working conditions demonstrates why my immediate reaction to stories published by the mainstream media is appropriate. Wait. Apple’s slow/no response to the original story turned out … Continue reading

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Why You’ll Fail to Have a Great Career: Passion

Larry Smith, an economics professor at the University of Waterloo, tells a TED audience why they’ll fail to have a great career. It’s a funny and engaging talk. And it’s right. Professor Smith gives a number of reasons why you … Continue reading

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Nuked Highlight

I know that Robert Scoble called Highlight one of the potential winners of SxSW 2012, but I had to remove the app from my iPhone. I had it running for one day and it ended up sucking down the battery … Continue reading

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Should Society Let Us Exist?

When new CEOs are installed at companies, they’ll often set their agenda not by what they say, but by the questions they ask. On becoming IBM’s CEO, Sam Palmisano only asked four questions in his first meeting. I think they’re … Continue reading

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Who Wins SxSW This Year?

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to SxSW this year after having a great time and learning a lot there last year. But I’ll still be watching from afar to see what “wins” in 2012. Last year, GroupMe killed it (my … Continue reading

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IPad 3 Launch Predictions

Apple launches the iPad 3, or iPad HD. My predictions for today’s launch event: It will be faster The screen will be better It will have a camera with better resolution Some people will declare this product a “disappointment” Some … Continue reading

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If You’re Going Out of Business Anyway…

Why wouldn’t you try to stop it? The answer in the newspaper industry, at least according to Mathew Ingram in GigaOM yesterday is culture. The newspaper industry has been circling the drain as the shift to free/cheap classified advertising has … Continue reading

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Reading a Culture Through Bureaucracy

You can tell a lot about the corporate culture of a company by how aggressive the SG&A functions are. Do you get “escalated” (a favorite bureaucratic term, used only at large, inefficient companies) on when you: Neglect to fill out … Continue reading

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Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Lied To

Salespeople and product managers get lied to by prospects because the prospect fears their judgement will be questioned. Or so posits Seth Godin. I believe Seth is correct. How many times, when dealing with a salesperson selling a product you’ve … Continue reading

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