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Facebook is pumping out a lot of spin these days. They’re trying to make us forget they ran (and continue to run) a massive, unregulated surveillance operation. They’re trying to distance themselves from Cambridge Analytica in any way possible, before … Continue reading

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You still have to build something worth talking about for people to talk about it. Continue reading

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Reacting to Mainstream Media Articles

The recent retraction by This American Life of the episode about Foxconn’s iPad factory working conditions demonstrates why my immediate reaction to stories published by the mainstream media is appropriate. Wait. Apple’s slow/no response to the original story turned out … Continue reading

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Publicity First Doesn’t Work Anymore

Louis CK’s recent direct-to-Internet video success teaches us something that most companies don’t get, or don’t want to get. It’s not about publicity anymore. The press release or the advertising campaign shouldn’t be the first thing you think about.  Sure, … Continue reading

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