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It’s been two days since the Super Bowl. Quick, and without thinking too hard, write down: The ads you saw on the Super Bowl on Sunday The digital ads you saw this morning as you read the news with coffee … Continue reading

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Ignore the dilettantes publishing lists of the best Super Bowl ads. Judge the performance by the sales they generate. Continue reading

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Not Offensive, Just Stupid

Congratulations to the Giants for their Super Bowl win yesterday. I was also glad to enjoy an entertaining game that kept me interested until the last play. Less entertaining were the GoDaddy ads.  They’ve been a one-trick pony for years … Continue reading

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Improve Your Super Bowl Ads

When I watch ads during the Super Bowl Big Game, I usually find myself muttering “call to action, call to action” to the point that my wife starts putting away the sharp objects.  The amount of air time that’s wasted … Continue reading

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