Not Offensive, Just Stupid

Congratulations to the Giants for their Super Bowl win yesterday. I was also glad to enjoy an entertaining game that kept me interested until the last play.

Less entertaining were the GoDaddy ads.  They’ve been a one-trick pony for years in their advertising, setting the bar for tasteless and idiotic advertising. I don’t find the advertising offensive, because it takes an awful lot to offend me.  (Now Madonna lip-synching during her show? That I find troubling…)_

I have to wonder–how many domains are purchased by 13 year old boys? Or 40-something basement-dwelling man/children? Who is GoDaddy targeting with these ads? And do they buy enough domains to make it worthwhile? Or are these ads simply the fantasies of elephant-butchering CEO Bob Parsons?

GoDaddy can do better.

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