They still publish phone books


Yellowbook has a strange business model. It goes like this: you sell ads to companies that don’t fully realize the Internet has been invented, then chop down trees and pulp them into little books. Then, waste a lot of gas and litter them all over the place–including shopping malls–and let the recipients pay to dispose of your litter.

Sounds like a model for growth, for sure!

More soon-to-be recycled books:


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2 Responses to They still publish phone books

  1. suebrady5 says:

    It does seem so wasteful. But, they must do well for advertisers because companies continue to advertise there. I would say I don’t understand, but there is a member of my household who in fact does pull out the book every now and again when he needs to look someone up!


  2. markpilip says:

    I guess it must work, but I wonder how much of the advertising in the book is automatic? I’ve worked with at least two companies that I recall that placed ads in the Yellow Pages. When I noticed it and raised it, the response was “oh, we’ve always advertised there.” The dollar amount was small enough that it slipped under the radar. When I asked how much business came from the ads, the small dollar amount disappeared from the budget the following year. My tiny bit of assistance to help save the planet!


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