2.8 billion years of evolution, down the drain

Someday, as expressed in this article by Shelly Palmer, AI and technology will be so good it will be impossible to tell truth from fakes. In other words, we won’t be able to trust our eyes and ears any more.

That evolved skill of being able to tell reality from fantasy will be made redundant by silicon and some algorithms. “I’ll believe it when I see it” will become literally true.

We don’t use our ears and eyes when we buy digital advertising. Instead, we think we’re clever by using adtech algorithms to try to optimize (fancy jargon for outsmart) the opaque business that is ad buying.

Except your adtech team is team B, at best. It’s safer and smarter to assume that Team A–team ad fraud–is already using AI and machine learning to outsmart you. After all, they don’t even need to fool your eyes and ears. Only your second-rate ad tech.

Think I’m being overly critical? If you buy anything on any ad network, look at your site transparency report today. I mean really look at it.

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