Clerks as CEOs

Zynga buys OMGPOP for $180 million–a terrific win for all involved. So CEO Dan Porter took the opportunity to throw one of his team under the bus when he declined a job offer from Zynga. Why not just ignore it and move on?

To his credit, Porter took back his tweet. However, the tone has been set. What about the next time a team member does (or doesn’t) do something that Porter doesn’t agree with? Are you sure you want to work with him?

Takeaway: Leaders can be judged by their actions. Managers can be judged by their policies. Clerks spew things out. Consider who you’re working for before you join them.

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2 Responses to Clerks as CEOs

  1. Wow…I missed this story last week, Mark.
    Here’s another example of a bonehead move by a CEO. Ten years ago technology consulting firm AMS announced plans to layoff 700 employees who the CEO said were “not capable of fitting in or being retrained.” (
    Fire them…and then make it extremely difficult for them to be hired by someone else. Class-less.


  2. markpilip says:

    Wow, this guy William Purdy looks like a real tool. Interesting article here ( on how AMS was fired from a number of consulting projects for crummy work WHILE Purdy was the CEO. But I reckon he got out of that gig with a nice golden parachute, unlike the employees he slagged during the layoff.


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