Communications “Real Housewives” Style

It’s Monday morning and the time when communications professionals around the world are answering urgent executive requests on:

  • Why that tweet (that nobody cares about) was created?
  • Why that blog post (that nobody cares about) got your corporate mission wrong?
  • Why that headline (that nobody cares about) was shortened a bit much?

From the tone of the email and urgent phone calls whizzing around now, you’d think that the average company had a communications weekend on a par with the Apple Maps launch. Your company didn’t.

Yet many corporate executives followup on the weekend communications activity like they’re contestants in a Real Housewives reality TV show. Every perceived slight is blown out of proportion, there’s a lot of genteel screaming via email, and the ones who get the brunt of it are the poor communications professionals who are just doing their jobs.

Remember that there’s only one person who reads all your press.  That’s you.

Executives, take a deep breath and go back to making things that people care about. The press will take care of itself and you don’t want to look like some foolish, orange, never-will-be.

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