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Get Them to React, Not Regurgitate

Google’s SVP of HR, Lazlo Block, has revealed that the infamous Google interview questions were a bunch of hooey after all. Turns out when decide to play “stump the interviewee” you’re just stroking your own ego. Further, what type of … Continue reading

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Love Ya!

“To live according to God is to love” said Saint Francis de Sales. My friend Kim Rumsmoke Kashian demonstrated that love every time she talked with her family and friends, always closing with “love ya!”  I asked her why she … Continue reading

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Irrationality and Flight Change Decisions

As I write this, I’m relaxing while sitting in a nice NASCAR-themed restaurant in the Charlotte airport having a beer, catching up on email and listening to “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. Fifteen minutes ago the outcome could have … Continue reading

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Remember D-Day

First things first. At 0016 hours today, the Horsas began to crash-land near the Caen Canal in Normandy, France. The liberation of Europe was under way. Over 24,000 young men jumped from planes or landed in gliders to support the … Continue reading

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