Pokémon Go: This Year’s Ice Bucket Challenge

images“Can we talk about this in tomorrow’s 1 on 1?” goes the email from the CxO, followed by a link.

A couple of years ago it was the ice bucket challenge. Remember all the requests you got to figure out how to do something like that for your business? More maddening is the amount of limited resources burned at other non-profits as they tried and failed to get their own equivalent to go viral.

Starting roughly, oh, today, marketers and ad agencies will get the same email, this time about Pokémon Go.

Except it will be worse this time.  The difference is that the ice bucket nonsense was for a charity. The latest craze has resulted in an increase in Nintendo’s stock price by around 43% as I write this. Given the number of adults I saw huddled in the streets of Manhattan last night and stumbling around like zombies with the app open, I suspect the stock will go higher.

There’s nothing an executive likes more than the sound of the value of their unearned grants jumping by that much in a few days. Especially when the cost per acquisition is “free.” (Which as marketers we all know is BS.)

So be prepared to be forwarded lots of articles with idiotic titles like:

  • Ten things startups can learn from Pokémon Go
  • What’s really behind the Pokémon Go craze
  • Creating buzz: secrets of Pokémon Go
  • What killed marketing? Pokémon Go

Worst of all, you’ll be putting together lots of decks explaining to your addled CxOs why Pokémon Go isn’t relevant to your business.

Let me help you make the only slide you need. Cut out a picture of a Pokémon, put an equal sign next to it and insert a picture of a small rock.

Pokémon Go is lightning  in a bottle folks. Make interesting things that people want to buy and use. That increases your chance of lightning striking.

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