Kill Gobbledygook With Fire and Better Writing

Nothing muddies communication more than gobbledygook and business jargon.  Say what you mean and you are more likely to be understood.

There’s no excuse for using long words and complex sentence construction.  If you seek to be understood, then write and speak simply.

In 2012 my goal will be to reduce the use of gobbledygook in everything I touch.  Will you consider joining me in that effort?

For inspiration, consider this.  For 26 tips to improve your writing dramatically, consider reading Write Right by Roger A. Shapiro.  The book also makes a great holiday gift for the writer in your family!

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2 Responses to Kill Gobbledygook With Fire and Better Writing

  1. Mark — if I swear off gobbledygook in 2012, how can I possibly market the integrated, innovative, enterprise and best-in-class solutions developed by Strategic’s clients? (smile)


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