“Digital” is Just Accelerated Direct Marketing

Says the great Drayton Bird in his email this morning:

“On-line marketing is just accelerated direct marketing.”

He’s right. It’s therefore more important than ever that your marketers are properly trained: it’s harder to keep the rubber on the road in an F1 car than in your daily driver. Yet, the marketing world has been hijacked by charlatans, who speed around the track recklessly, crashing our valuable brands into the Armco.

When discussing the seven ways to make marketing great again, Mark Ritson said:

“Don’t listen to the f****ing philistines or we all will lose. The anti-intellectual movement cannot win here.”

Watch Ritson in action here, as well as the appalling advice given by a famous marketing charlatan.

Takeaway: Practice proper marketing. Get trained. Understand the entire discipline. And win.

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