USPS 3685 and the State of Marketing

Sometimes reading the USPS-required Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (form 3685) can reveal a lot about the state of one’s industry.

As a direct marketing and postal junkie, I find USPS forms fascinating. (I don’t get out much.)

I was looking up something about Net Promoter Score recently, and re-read Byron Sharp’s takedown of Fred Reichheld’s shoddy work behind NPS from the Winter 2008 issue of Marketing Research. The most recent form 3685 was printed on page 28. Note the the total distribution of 4,164 copies. I think the circulation has only gotten smaller.

Imagine how many people read research publications–full of boring math–versus those that watch GaryVee videos, which are supposedly about marketing. Any wonder our industry is in its current state?

Takeaway: Be the former and read primary research. Ignore charlatans like GaryVee and Shingy.  And win.

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