Nitrocellulose lacquer: the smell of customer service?

Inside Wildwood Guitars (no, alas I didn't get the chance to rock out with Joe B and Greg Koch) Photo borrowed from Wildwood Guitars

Inside Wildwood Guitars
(Alas I didn’t actually rock out with Joe B and Greg Koch)
Photo borrowed from Wildwood Guitars

If you want to experience outstanding customer service in action, I suggest you visit Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO.

I took a detour yesterday to visit the famous guitar emporium on a trip to Aspen and was greeted by Senior Sales Associate Lance Bowzer. Even after announcing myself as a guitar tourist–i.e. I was not going to be exchanging money for a Gibson that day–Lance took the time to tell me about the town (which is really lovely), the store and some of the custom runs they’ve done with Gibson. While we talked and I fooled around with a Gibson 58 reissue, the smell of the nitrocellulose lacquer completed the Wildwood brand experience.

Brand = Experience

When we have a positive experience with the brand–the website, the products, the sales process and, most importantly, the people–we encode that experience emotionally and can recall that information far more easily than rational things like facts and figures. I know Lance told me how many guitars they have in the warehouse, but I don’t recall other than it was a lot. What I do remember is the smell of that R8 as we talked about the story of Gibson CustomBucker pickups and the nice conversation with Lance.

Of course the opposite can happen too. Quick–what do you think about your cable company? Thought so.

Want to sell more product and have more fans? Emulate Wildwood Guitars and Lance Bowzer. I know I’ll be back and I won’t be leaving without something with Gibson or Fender on the headstock. Highly recommended.

Wildwood Guitars
804 Main
Louisville, CO 80027

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