Blockchain vs. Digital Fraud?

I’ve been speaking with many people over the past few years about using blockchain technology to mitigate fraud and increase advertiser confidence in online advertising.

It sounds like other people are thinking the same thing. I just noticed this video from MetaX, which explains how it might work:

I’m encouraged, even though I have questions about whether blockchain ledgers are fast enough for programmatic marketing or whether this might just add another layer of cruft and cost to the digital marketing environment.

Ordinarily, I’m not in favor of adding more advertising technology. But, in this case, I think this might help. As every advertiser should be able to tell you,  it is preferable to have confidence in the ad inventory at the impression level before buying to playing whack-a-mole with easily-gamed anti-fraud technologies grafted on during and after the buying process.

MetaX still looks to be a work in progress. I know other competitors and approaches will emerge. I hope that our industry will be able to find a way for blockchain to be used effectively.

I’m encouraging my friends and clients to consider testing technologies like this. Your agencies should be doing the same.

Takeaway: Look into using blockchain technology to verify the chain of custody of the impressions in which you serve your ads. Until then, buy only what you know. And win.
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