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“Amazing?” “Remarkable?” Actually, Not Likely

67% of everything is mediocre (+/- one standard deviation from the mean) and 84% of everything is mediocre or worse. Seems like 84% of the comments I see on social media start with “amazing” or “remarkable” or similar. Heuristic: When you … Continue reading

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Twitter’s NYC Targeting Tribulations: Dunkin’ Donuts Edition

If you don’t know exactly what you are buying in social media, don’t run the impression. Never, ever, trust the algorithm Continue reading

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Native Advertising: The Laughs Don’t Stop

I ran a quick article on native advertising yesterday. Lo and behold, my article was picked up by a Twitter handle that tweets out positive news about native advertising. Looks like the bot never read the article. Get some machine learning … Continue reading

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Three Things I Learned From PewDiePie

If you have been conned into running influencer marketing campaigns, do you know how every one of those influencers is representing your brand? Have you–not your agency–read every word they’ve posted and every second of video they’ve uploaded? Continue reading

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Native Advertising: New Name, Same Old Trickery

We used to call this stuff “advertorials.” It was easily identifiable, except to the most gullible reader, and was usually purchased by the most gullible advertiser. The digital crew call it “native advertising” but it’s the same thing. Two questions: If … Continue reading

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Rise of the Bot: Organic Traffic is “Over”

You now have to treat every digital impression under the assumption that it’s not human and is fraud. Fraudulent impression are not the exception; they are the rule. Be skeptical. Continue reading

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“Audiences” Mostly Aren’t

Unlike theatrical audiences, who pay money and make a conscious decision to invest their time in something, the online audience is very different. Mostly, it’s people (well, actually bots) that have kind of stumbled on your site/app/whatever and are desperately … Continue reading

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Why Would They…

Shift spending time on a hobby and pay attention to your messages instead? Stop spending money on the competitive product and buy yours instead? Reduce buying in one category and buy more from you? We all work with fixed amounts … Continue reading

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Best Super Bowl Ad? Who Cares?

Ignore the dilettantes publishing lists of the best Super Bowl ads. Judge the performance by the sales they generate. Continue reading

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Digital Media Transparency. Bravo P&G!

P&G is starting out 2017 in a strong fashion, by saying “NO” to the nonsense taking place in the digital marketing ecosystem. All advertisers–that means your organization–should follow suit. Watch Mark Pritchard’s full talk below:

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