AdTech Beware: The Rise of the Sophisticated Buyer

Our “audience” is X million. For too long, that’s been the mantra of digital marketing providers, whether they be ad tech providers or publishers. Sprinkle in something about the unique quality of the audience and there you go: a sale.

I believe that gravy train is coming to an end. We are now seeing advertisers ask questions like:

  • How much of that is human?
  • How much is unique and de-duplicated from what I’m already reaching?
  • How can you prove it to me?
  • How do I know your data is correct?

The talk below from Gabe Leydon, CEO of Machine Zone, is interesting. Although I disagree with his statement that brand advertising will disappear, I do agree with him that the rise of the sophisticated buyer is coming.

As he says, the buyers (the advertisers) are the ones with the money, writing all the checks. Worth a watch.

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